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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

A wonderful romp!

The Highlander Is All That (Untamed Highlander #4) by Sabrina York


What a giddy, hilarious bunch of young women are the St Claire sisters. I loved them and their quasi dragon Aunt Esmerelda, a powerful member of the ton.
And it's into this household two Scots are sent by the Duke of Caithness to stand in for him and chaperone his cousins during their London season. Well all that 'standing in' doesn't quite go to plan. 
Elizabeth St. Claire is enchanted by the idea of all things to do with the Highlands and when Hamish Robb arrives she attracted to him from the very first greeting. The thing is Hamish feels he can't betray the Duke and that he's not wealthy enough for Elizabeth. A conundrum! Elizabeth is not in agreement with Hamish's sentiments.
And then of course there's Ann, Victoria and Mary! Each has a storyline that plays out quite delightfully.
There are some amusing scenes. I loved it when Lady Jersey chases down Hamish at an event and corners him in a library.
The St Claire sisters' season is like no other, peppered with wonderful scenes of mayhem and romance.

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