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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Romance the Highland way!

Highland Flame (Highland Weddings #4)  by Mary Wine


Jane Stanley's husband had been a feckless excuse for a man who sought to sell her favors to pay his gambling debts. When she refused and he was killed she found herself newly widowed and in the depths of the Highlands. After she refused the inn's owner the same liberties she found  herself thrust from the Scottish inn wearing only her chemise.
Which is how Laird Diocail Gordon and his men found her some days later, trudging barefooted and determined towards England--sort of.
Diocail needed a woman of Jane's background to bring order to the run down castle he'd inherited when his miserly uncle had died. 
He needed "a lady and the duties she would have been trained to do. ... Running a kitchen was more than turning bread; it was knowing how much bread to set out to rise in the morning so that the supper table was full and how much grain was needed to make it through the winter and how many hands were needed to produce it all."
His men thought Jane might be the very ticket. Diocail was not adverse to the idea.
Jane, however she might be attracted to this hulking giant of a man did not want to be be married again. But fate and circumstances had other ideas.
How these two work things out makes for a rambunctious story with some amusing highlights, underscored by deadly factors not so very far away. After all Jane is English and the Scots are wary of her and the trouble she could bring.
Diocail is a rather wonderful character and Jane is a feisty treasure.
I must admit to having once picked this story up, finding it hard to put down.

A NetGalley ARC


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