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Sunday, August 6, 2017

Highlander Happenings


I really enjoyed this. We have a feisty young highlander woman who takes the breath away from her silent stalwart brother-in-law, a man who vowed to never return to the place he'd once called home.
Hamish MacBrieve fled Foinaven Castle twelve years ago. He was now an elite guard with the McTiernay clan.
After years of pleas to return home from his brother Robert, Hamish has finally acquiesced.
The only problem is:
1) Hamish had once been head over heels in love with Mairead's sister Selah, who'd married Robert
2) Hamish has cleared out never to return and now only did so because his brother finally persuaded him of danger to the clan
3)Hamish was only stay ing to get the job done--his way
4) Hamish didn't want complications and falling in love with this breath taking young woman whom he use to teach to skip stones was not part of the plan!
And then there's the twist in the tail, what is troubling Mairead? And will Hamish ever trust her, for that matter will she ever trust him.
Talk about clash of wills and hearts. Minds even.
Great tale that keeps adding new surprises. Just sorry it took so long to read. Life kept interrupting! I'm now committed to reading the rest in the series!

A NetGalley ARC


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