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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Grace Burrowes does it again!

Too Scot to Handle (Windham Brides #2) Grace Burrowes


Oh the comfortableness that eventually comes between those who are matched in Burrowes' historical romances. This trope of the strong quiet man coming to know a woman who has been underrated is once more is in ascendancy. Burrowes excels at this mix!
These men wrap their loved ones in ease and warmth. They want to protect their women and do so without confining them. Burrowes has a wonderful way of giving us this.
This story was interesting in many ways. 
The plight of the destitute orphans is part of the story.
The treatment that young women could look for at balls by insipid, entitled young male heirs of little sense was was appalling, exposing the ingrained habits and the right to bad behaviour and stupidity that many of the ton felt was owed them.
Burrowes nicely contrasted them with men of the Windham stamp, who took their duties seriously and did not suffer fools gladly. The fight the newly minted Lord Colin, previously an army captain, has to enter the ranks of the ton is hampered by the self serving Lord who had decided to introduce Colin to the ways of the ton. A less than stellar character.
Colin runs across the intelligent and vastly underrated,  Anwen Windham and life takes on a whole new hue for both of them.
Colin makes Anwen see sparkly rainbows. I love that!
Put that together with a lively bunch of orphans Anwen is caring for and there is plenty of opportunity for intriguing situations Colin and Anwen find themselves in.

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