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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Courtly intrigue. Serving at the Queen's pleasure!

When I started this book I thought Ho Hum! another Elizabethan spy novel, albeit by Sharon Cullen. But no! This had it all! Treachery on all sides with intrigue and treason emerging from the French, Spanish, English and Scottish courts.
Aimee de Verris was sent to Scotland by her aunt Catherine de Medici to spy on Queen Mary. The carrot was that Aimee would be allowed to return to France and take up with her true love. Aimee is effectively banished to a place where she's never warm and for a task she has absolutely no trading for.
Simon Marcheford was sent by Queen Elizabeth to spy on Mary and her court. He wanted to retire to his lands with his sister and live peacefully. But when a monarch such as Elizabeth makes a request there is only one answer. Yes!
Out of nowhere Simon and Aimee are ordered by Queen Mary to marry. This story of how the two connect, if nothing else, shows how in these times, all are at the mercy of ruling monarchs.
When Mary's advisor is murdered right before their eyes, Aimee and Simon find themselves running from the powerful perpetrators, and later running from Mary's wrath against all present at that fateful hour. Their only hope is Elizabeth, but how welcoming will she be?
A fast paced, absorbing and very enjoyable read.

A NetGalley ARC


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