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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

The favoured few--their stories continue

Three Weeks with a Princess (The Improper Princesses) by Vanessa Kelly



Lia Kincaid has been raised by her grandmother, the mistress of the Marquess of Lendale, on the Lendale estates. Lia Kincaid is the illegitimate daughter of the Duke of York.
The new marquess, Lia's childhood friend, Jack Easton is concerned for Lia's welfare. Lia feels she should continue in the women of the family's footsteps and become a courtesan. She need a protector and perhaps Jack would be a good first choice to practice with. Jack is shocked and tempted but this is his childhood friend. Added to that, it's imperative for Jack to marry wealth.
Lia flees to London and her mother, a famous actress, with the thought of a life treading the boards. Things of course becomes so much more entangled!
I found Jack somewhat insipid character and Lia is almost too good to be true.
Despite these short comings an interesting plot develops in this latest contribution to the trials and tribulations of three illegitimate princesses.

A NetGalley ARC

*** 1/2

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