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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Misinterpreted love

Denying the Duke (Lords & Ladies in Love #3) by Callie Hutton


Patience suffered! Suffered a lost love, suffered an unenviable betrothal to a man who preferred courtesans, suffered a brutish father and then had to suffer marriage to a man who didn't give her choices.
As she considers her situation she realizes her whole life has been one of no choice! What Patience wants is to be courted! Is that too much to ask?
Alex, bemused and frankly out of touch, as he is fresh from six years as a soldier, firstly at Waterloo and later working with the war office. His latest assignment was to bring home a traitor--Lord Loverly. It was on the voyage home that Alex discovered his brother had died in highly salacious circumstance. Alex was now the Duke-a Duke with many problems. How to confront his situation and his brother's wife, Alex's youthful love. Added to that is the news that Loverly has escaped. He is now a threat to Alex's person and also Patience's.
Which all means that the situation is ripe for misinterpretation and bungled communication between Alex and Patience.
I was intrigued by the couple of mentions of Loverly's daughter who has disappeared. Are we going to come across her in the future? Mmm!
Frankly there were times when I was just plain annoyed with the two central characters.
It feels that denial works both ways. Alex really wants to deny the dukedom but just plain can't and Patience wants to deny Alex if he can't treat her in the way she wants, which she finds hard to give voice to.

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