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Friday, July 7, 2017

Captivating and dangerous--in more ways than one!

Lord of Lies (Fallen Ladies #3) by Amy Sandas


I loved this Fallen Ladies episode. There was something about the energy between the enigmatic and fascinating Dell Turner and Portia Chadwick that really exploded off the page.
Clever and intelligent Portia is a restless soul looking for more than the acquiescent debutant's role. It seems Dell is the answer.
Their meeting is under difficult circumstance. Lily, Portia's sister has just been kidnapped and Portia's somewhat doddering great aunt Angelique takes her to someone who might help, the mysterious Nightshade!
The story is littered with other interesting characters. Hale, a boxer and his search for his daughter Claire, Thomas the young contact agent for Nightshade caught my eyes, as did a young boy met in the latter part of the story.
From the ballrooms of the ton to the brothels in the dank alleys of London--the action ranges high and wide, fast and dangerous.
I was so caught up with this story that I am about to reread the others in The Fallen Ladies series to review the dovetailing of the stories that the puzzle of the Chadwick sisters presents to us.

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