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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Unfulfilled promise

Eloping With The Princess (Brotherhood of the Sword #3) by Robyn DeHart



The characters of Viscount Jason Ellis and Isabel Crisp have strong promise. Ellis we had met in  'Undercover with the Earl.' I found the potential for an excellent story with the added twist of powers vying for Victoria's throne was somewhat undeveloped. But I must recognize that this novel only runs to fifteen chapters. 
If you haven't seen the series built around the young Victoria then you maybe won't realize the tensions around her becoming queen. To use the back room struggles when Victoria ascends to the throne is clever. Whilst acknowledging this with the limited plot development, DeHart could have built so much more on that historical fact, and given us more substance and fulfilled the inherent promise. Rather we were caught up in the laboured push and pull of to consummate or not.
Still this continues the Brotherhood plots and the series is based on an interesting premise.

A NetGalley ARC

** 1/2

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