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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Passion and petulance with a good dose of perfection!

Ruining Miss Wrotham (Baleful Godmother #5) by Emily Larkin



Mordecai Black and Nell Wrotham. What a tale and what a pair!
He is a large man with a large heart and dark secrets. A perfect foil for Nell.
Nell is one in a line of daughters going back in time who is given a wish by a faerie godmother--not the sweet old lady short, rather the eyes flashing and lightning crashing sort!
And a faerie godmother gift was something to be thought about. But then life gets in the way and suddenly the gift Nell thought long and hard to ask for just didn't meet the circumstances. All else became moot. But how is Mordecai going to take the apparition of Nell's gift. After all what a godmother gives cannot be taken away!
I loved the dance between Mordecai and Nell. A scintillating read from go to woe!

A NetGalley ARC


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