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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Tense action and dangerous outcomes!

Desperate Fire (Angel in the Whirlwind #4) by Christopher G. Nuttall


Despite some Commonwealth opposition, the final showdown with the Theocracy is given full approval after the true madness of that Empire's reactions to loss are revealed. The harsh reality is exposed when the Theocracy explodes seeded nuclear devices on an occupied planet just as the Commonwealth is set to liberate it, ensuring the planet and its inhabitants to total destruction. Kat is left handling a humanitarian crisis on one hand and the political ramifications on the other.
Operation Hammer is devised. Kat Falconer as a Commodore of the fleet and second-in-charge will have to call on all the cunning, stealth, and giftedness she has in the final showdown. The Commonwealth takes the fight to the very centre of the Theocracy's domain--to their home planet Ahura Mazda. The battle will be hard fought. Lives will be lost and treachery is a heartbeat away. The true madness of the fanatical leaders actions will continue to be exposed.
Kat is facing some of the hardest moments of her life, both on the personal and professional front.
The resolution left me with similar feelings I had at certain times in the Honor Harrington series. I found myself hanging on the edge of remorse and frustration, and relief that there would be more to come.
Another grand and surprising finish to Kat's ongoing challenges.

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