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Thursday, May 4, 2017

Diabolical events unfold!

Legion (The Talon Saga #4) by Julie Kagawa


Dragon twins Dante and Ember are each seeking freedom in their own ways. 
But shall the truth set them free?
Unfortunately each has a different truth and a different moral compass as to what they are willing to do for that freedom.
The wrym leader is a fright. Her plans far reaching and devastating.
A fight is looming between Talon and the order of st George, yet are they not both pawns in the games the Elder Wrym,  CEO of the Talon is playing? Dante is now the Elder's right-hand man. But 'the weight of her gaze [is] suffocating.' The Elder truly is terrifying.
Dante never feels as important as Ember and once again he's proved right. There is one piece of the Elder's plan missing. The Elder gives Dante an order,  ' “Ember Hill must be retrieved." '
But even Dante does not know the depths of the Elder's play. A move that will ratchet the situation up to a whole new threat level.
The renegades and St George cohorts are under threat.
The legion of mindless dragons, pawns in the Elder's plans are waiting in the wings, to be deployed in an all out strike against Talon's enemies.
Unexpected turns, betrayal and loss, dog the pages 
Soldier Garrett seems to be so much more--difficult I know. The accommodations that Riley makes are staggering given their initial measure of each other.
Riley is a softie underneath all that hardness, again a dragon searching for his own truth.  Ember is so much part of these two that it hurts.
The renegades find an unexpected ally. However the future of all is dimmed as this powerful phase of events unfolds.
Another triumphant addition to the series, with more twists and turns than imagined.

A NetGalley ARC


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