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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Charm, mystery and danger!


Unfaltering continuation of The Runaway Desires series. I must admit to guessing some of the storyline before things developed but that was fine.
This is the story of Tempest Holderin's plantation manager and close friend Edward Cary.
Edward returns to England after twenty years absence. A mystery surrounds him and his leaving England, and now that mystery will be revealed.
Half French, Charlotte Blakemore, the widowed Duchess of Langerton finds herself the focus of her stepson's anger and sworn enemy. He vows to seize back what his father has bequeathed to her. Charlotte flees the estate and finds herself without funds, alone in the middle of the countryside. Edward appears on the scene enroute to Gloucestershire, takes pity on Charlotte and rescues her. Needing a place of safety, Charlotte joins him on his journey. Of course that leads to some very interesting situations. Especially as each has there own set of secrets, which to some degree trip over each other and add a certain piquancy to the mix.
I liked both the man Cary portrays and the woman Charlotte presents.
Other Runaway Desires are referenced or make their appearance including the Tempest and Andrew Corrvans, and Sarah and Lord St. John Sutcliffe.
All's well that ends well, despite the anguished beginnings for both leads.
They found do indeed find l'amour after handwringing episodes of fate and fortune.

A NetGalley ARC


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