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Saturday, April 15, 2017

Absorbing start to a French detective series!



Chief Inspector Arthur Gambrelli, of the Metropolitan Police finds himself enmeshed in a murder outside of his jurisdiction. Ordered to investigate, he heads to an island off the coast of France near Toulon, and in the summer heat! Gambrelli is not pleased! Murdered is the attractive young mistress of a senior prosecutor in the Ministry of Justice, Jean Michel Bertrand. Bertrand is the prime suspect, hence the politics. Gambrelli is a wonderful character. Taciturn and talented--all hidden behind a no nonsense exterior, and Yes! I am seeing Gérard Depardieu! (I love Gambrelli's soliloquies and discussions with his dog, Odin.)
Shackled by internal politics, and the occasional incompetent officer, Gambrelli nevertheless brings the case to a shattering conclusion. Set in 1934 France, this was an intriguing introduction to a new French detective series.
The exploration of who Gambrelli is was cleverly interwoven. There are hints of an interesting past, previous cases that have caught the public awareness, a respected professional reputation behind the gruff exterior, and that maybe Gambrelli has married beyond his social strata. Oh, and he doesn't like elevators!

A NetGalley ARC


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