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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

finding true love!


Lady Louise Vivers, the Earl of Worthington's sister, is wonderful. Intelligent, opinionated and compassionate, and wanting true love like her siblings. A woman who knows her own mind. And her mind is set on her brother's friend, Gideon, the Duke of Rothwell. Their first sighting of each other is galloping down Hyde Park in the early morning mists. Louise accompanied by a massive dog seemingly straight out of the Hound of Baskervilles. (Ok, I'm mixing up my timelines for the sake of an adequate descriptor!)
On inheriting his title, Gideon has found his estates in disarray with scandal nipping at his heels, and is doing all he can to bring things around. That's not all, his father has acted strangely just before his death, running up debts and setting up a mistress.  Unfathomable behaviour that has Gideon appalled and yet his mother seems strangely detached and forgiving. 
He's determined that marrying a rich heiress is not going to be his way. He loves Louise but is unable to share his shame. Louise wants someone who will share all with her, who will let her into their life.
I must admit that I found Gideon somewhat stubborn and obtuse, stymied by his pride. Louise really has a struggle with how to respond to his lack of full communication. However all comes good.
As always I found Quinn's author's note illuminating with regards to to the situation Gideon found himself in and the practices of the times.

A NetGalley ARC


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