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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

a mad dash through the highlands!


A young Gypsy healer finds herself on horse back racing through forests, dodging trees and bullets and the English after helping a Scot she finds wounded by a musket ball in the leg on the battlefield.
Akira Ayres prides herself on her healing abilities. She knows that the Scot, Geordie is more than he seems, just by his manner and actions, and occasional mumbling so when he's feverish.
She contracts to help him to safety. Unfortunately they are pursued by an English Captain who sees the capturing of Geordie as a stepping stone to his own advancement.
Geordie, the Duke of Gordon cannot be allowed to be captured, else all will be forfeit. He has gone into battle in disguise without followers. Fighting against his English sovereign is treasonous. I really found Geordie's stance reckless, given his responsibilities towards his people.
Akira and Geordie's mad dash to safety is heightened by their growing attraction for each other.
Akira is proud of her abilities and independence, even if it comes at a price. Geordie is bound by his status and the Queen's decree to form an alliance within the confines of his social class. This seems like a relationship doomed to be less than satisfactory, at least for Akira. I found Geordie insensitive to Akira's dilemma given the few choices she has.
Not as satisfying as some previous Jarecki novels, but I still look forward to the next in this new series. 

A NetGalley ARC 

*** 1/2

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