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Sunday, February 12, 2017

'He was no Prince Charming. More like Prince Misery and Disappointment.'


'He was no Prince Charming. More like Prince Misery and Disappointment.'

Interesting if somewhat harsh words for someone who thinks they're saving your life!
Jilted and left at the altar five years earlier, Emilia St. George is sure that this time her marriage to the grandson to a Duke, Honorable Edmund Worsely, will go without a hitch. That is until Emilia's former fiancée jiltee, Hamilton Sparrow turns up at the wedding and kidnaps her just as she's about to walk down the aisle. Sparrow, a former spy for the crown had spotted an assassin in the wedding crowd, and he appears to be tracking Emilia. Sparrow needs to get Emilia out of there, even if he does have to 'scoop her off her feet, and toss her over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes.'
Mind you, Emilia has had the mantra, 'You can do this' running through her head as she's standing in the church vestibule, so what's the real story here?
Somewhat hilarious despite the dangerous events that crowd the pace, Emilia finds herself reluctantly drawn to her cad of an ex-fiance! After all what sort of a man jilts you, and then kidnaps you just as your life is about to settle into an ordered if somewhat mundane path, and by the way who on earth would want to kill her?
By the way, I am loving the James Bond play on Quincy's titles for this series.
Adds to the piquancy and underlying humour of the novels.

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