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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

The Victorian Rebels series continues to slay me!

'these young wolves, were on the hunt for trouble, only waiting—straining—to be unleashed by one affirmative gesture from their alpha. As dangerous as they might prove to be, she knew at once that the young soldiers, now fanning into an arc, hadn’t been the source of her internal alarm. Their leader had.'
A coldly dangerous, heart-stopping, opening! Enough to make this reader realize that so much more was to come.
By night Imogene Pritchard has been working off her dead father's debts at the notorious club The Bare Kitten as a server. By day she is a nurse in a London hospital.
Only this night 'Ginny' as she is known finds herself I way over her head waters, charting unknown territory that would influence the rest of her life.
When Collin "Cole" Talmage, Duke of Trewyth claims her for his own that claiming goes both ways.
Cole, a crown assassin and spy, holds onto his dream of that night spent with the kitten 'Ginny' as a talisman against the most difficult of times. He continues to search for her.
Imogene runs from that night and yet never forgets the Duke.
When they both meet again, Cole is angered by his helplessness and attraction to this woman who is not his 'Ginny.' 
However another problem arises, women are being murdered-and the women all resemble Imogene. 
What a woman Imogene is. Fearless, strong, compassionate--and in love with a man who does not know her.
This return to Byrne's world of dangerous men and women is another winner.

A NetGalley ARC


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