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Saturday, February 4, 2017



Swept away! Yes, I was utterly swept away and caught up in the story of the Marble Maiden, Angelique Archer, doing what she can to save her family. An honest and brave woman, intelligent and gifted--in the way that sets this masterful historical romance in motion.
Exclusive club owner Alexander Lavoie had noticed the masked woman who came to play, purchased a bottle of brandy, won at vingt a and left with her winnings in hand. When one of her opponents became too presumptive, he intervened--and was lost!
Murder, mystery and mayhem along with fierce gathering emotions strew the pages like the fine diamonds Angelique will wear around her neck!
Totally engrossing! I didn't lift my head from the moment I began reading.
Some wonderful vignettes, humorous and yet so-o dangerous! I loved the way words were exchanged between Alex and Angelique. 'Persuasive' put forward by Angelique about Alex's reaction rather than 'threatening'. Something that Alex catches and acknowledges. Very droll asides in charged situations abound. Delicious!
Questions enlarge the storyline. Many, many questions, including those surrounding the disappearance of the Hutton Fortune!

A NetGalley ARC 


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