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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Love lost and love found!


1742. Daisy Bristol, Lady Chatwick, has a problem. Widowed for over two years she finds herself in an alarming position. Her husband's will declared that she must marry within three years of his demise or else forfeit her son's inheritance. Not only that but his friend Bishop Craig must approve the union. Unfortunately, the rather unworldly Bishop has taken that to mean that he is to take a hand in bringing forward suitable suitors. However, all she's been presented with thus far are hardened rakes needing money and elderly bachelor gentlemen. Besides Daisy wants to enjoy her freedom and marry with her heart this time, not be governed by any man's will. It seems her dead husband has reached from beyond the grave to order her life. Men!
A letter from her first love, Robert Spivey, now an English naval captain, declaring his intentions sends Daisy and her son to the Scottish Highlands ostensibly to view her son's Scottish estate, but really to buy time until the return of her lost love, Rob. Any infatuation with her handsome neighbor is only temporary until her true love joins her.
Daisy encounters Cailean Mackenzie, the laird of Arrandale, and finds herself strongly attracted to him. Cailean has his own affairs to attend to, smuggling included. Maintaining his lands and building up his clan's prosperity in the face of English taxes is a burdensome enough task. A flirtatious Sassenach has no place in his life.
When Cailean learns who Daisy's heart is set on, his takes a blow, not that he has any time for this beguiling English widow, but Captain Spivey is a figure he's had dealings with before--none of them kind!
A love story with a few intriguing twists set against the rugged highland backdrop. Complete with a handsome Laird and a bewitching and troubled widow. What's not to like!

A NetGalley ARC


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