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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Love and treachery!


Lady Joan Armstrong Fraser and Sir Malcolm McKenna's story is one of building trust. 
1334. Joan has fled her abusive marriage to Laird Archibald Fraser.  With her small son she'd  returned to her home at Armstrong Castle. She'd married Archibald 'with blind naïveté, unaware of his true character.'
Joan's place in her father's home is tenuous and she knows that should her father marry the Lady Agnes that place will be even more so.
Meanwhile Malcolm has been accused of fathering a child on the daughter of Laird of the MacPhearson. Indeed, 'the MacPhearson laird is not only claiming that his daughter was seduced, but that she was promised marriage.' Malcom is shocked. He has no recollection of any such encounter.
A meet between the McKenna and MacPhearson clans has been arranged at the Armstrong Castle to come to an agreement or make restitution without bloodshed.
Unknown to Joan, her father has for his own reasons included her former husband in the negotiations. 
Danger and betrayal surrounds Joan. Malcom offers her a way out. Is she courageous enough to accept?
A delicate balance of fear and desire threads the relationship between Malcolm and Joan. Malcolm must build trust with this abused woman who fires his heart. Malcom proves to be a man worthy of the task in this highly charged highland romance. As he says to Joan, 'Fate has seen fit to give ye a second chance. Take it.' Can Joan take what's offered?
A worthy follow up to 'The Highlander Who Loved Me.'

A NetGalley ARC


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