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Tuesday, February 14, 2017



Fascinating story set in the Cairo souk, 1913.
A young girl from from a prominent family Marie Kewfik, is kidnapped. A man from the Kewfik stables, was stabbed. They seemingly are not linked. When a young girl, Layla, from the exclusive modern girls school, Khedivial Girls’ School, comes to the Mamur Zapt (Gareth Cadwallader Owen)the Head of Special Branch, to ask for his assistance, he finds himself drawn into an unusual political arena.
A talented 'nay' player is involved.
A wise old woman of the souk encourages Mamur Zap to follow the music.
Owen is married to the highly regarded modern woman, Zeinab. I was struck by their relationship.
A startling look at Egyptian life in the the early twentieth century, traditional ways of life, and the power of women in the souk.
I'm hooked!

A NetGalley ARC


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