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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Five Gods World novella--a winner!

Penric and the Shaman (Penric & Desdemona #2) (Hardcover) by Lois McMaster Bujold


Ok, I'm officially in love with Penric! He exhibits that combination of humour, compassion, thoughtfulness and gentleness wrapped up in a wryness that's wonderfully humane.
In this world of the Five Gods, Lord Penric, is now a divine and sorcerer of the Bastard's Order, a depository for the demon combinations he's named Desdemona, a conglomerate of twelve.
In this second novella, Penric is called on to seek out an escaped murderer, but what he finds is so much more! Along with the Senior Locator, Penric is sent to track down a renegade shaman Inglis, accused of murder.
As usual Penric confounds all as he investigates this case. Oswyl, the Locator (of the Father's Order) is frequently confounded by Penric. That Penric by his very youth and laid back appearance is frequently underrated by all he meets--is a strength, as Oswyl discovers.
Inglis, the shaman, confronted by the God of xx is nicely wrought.
I do like Penric's reflections about the gods and humour and the further small insights about the gods and demons he gives us.
Penric advising Oswyl is priceless: ' “A bit of free theological advice. Do not deny the gods. And they will not deny you.”... "Dangerous habit, mind you. Once you start to let Them in through that first crack, They’re worse than mice.”'
As always with anything Lois McMaster Bujold writes, very very satisfying.

A NetGalley ARC


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