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Sunday, January 15, 2017

'Kimchi is very personal and it's all about your particular preferences'

'Kimchi is very personal and it's all about your particular preferences'
A great comment by Vongerichten that goes to the heart of things.
Whilst many readers of Korean heritage noted that Kimchi Chronicles is not sufficiently pure enough for them (some have likened it to the BigMac approach to Korean foods), as a European, trying to discover how to make some of the tasty Korean dishes I have so enjoyed both in Korea and in North American Korean restaurants this is a reasonable cookbook addition to my collection, particularly the Kimchi chapter.
Mind you with the addition of cheese, Coca Cola and other ingredients, including Mexican, some of the recipes are really more fusion Korean. I liked Vongerichten explanation for these inclusions that some of these ingredients found their way into Korean pantries during the Korean War from American GI rations. (p. 62), although some of these ingredients are not personal preferences.
The list of staples at the beginning gives clarity and understanding to searching for ingredients.
Ok, I freely admit to going to my fav. Korean store to buy fresh Kimchi rather than making my own--but here's my chance!
The explanation about the Banchan dishes (side dishes) I found excellent. These are the parts of a Korean meal that make it so enjoyable.
There are several recipes I found dint overtax my abilities.Though I must say as a fan of Bloody Mary's, the Kimchi Mary is a definite temptation.
(By the way, I have been meaning to review this for a couple of years. This is one of those where I lost my draft review and ... Well time fled by! What more can I say!)
A colourful addition to the kitchen shelves.

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