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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Explosive action and romance!


Talk about clash of the titans!  This second in the Kingmaker Chronicles has it all. Greek gods and goddesses, a love story that keeps on giving, and monsters out of legends.
Cat (Catalia Fisa), warrior and Kingmaker, is still fleeing from her destiny and as usual just ends up tumbling towards it at breakneck speed, despite her avowed reluctance (but then that seems to be Cat--she falls from one situation into another within the blink of an eyelid.) She's still fleeing from her mother and determined to stay with Griffin--after all she bound herself to him magically. Still being confronted magically by her mother and hurt every time--physically and emotionally.
What with crossing the Ice Plains, confronting a Chaos Wizard, obtaining doubtful god given gifts (be careful what you wish for!), facing off various trials in a monstrous labrynth, and facing the Hydra! The tension just keeps escalating

But when Cat and Griffin hatch a plot to overcome the neighbouring king, the action shifts up to a whole new and explosive pitch!
And I haven't even mentioned the way Cat and Griffin's relationship keeps growing, despite Cat's many misgivings. Her deep passion for Griffin is splendid.

A NetGalley ARC


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