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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Definitely some lively parts!


As a young girl, English Margot Armstrong romanticized marriage. She falls in love at a glance with Scottish chieftain, Arran McKenzie and heads off to the highlands for her dream HEA, only to discover that life is far different in the raw highlands to the English society she'd inhabited and grew up in.
Fortunately Margot takes well to her wifely duties in the marriage bed. Outside of that she's like a fish out of water. Misunderstandings lead to Margot leaving her husband--to return three years later after being persuaded by her father that her husband Arran is a traitor and her father will be involved. Only Margot has the power to clear her family's name. Margot's father is a despicable villain of the first water.
I found the beginning slow, and for some reason, the end seemed too hurried.
The Wild Scott, Arran just seemed not quite as I imagined him.
Don't be mistaken, I liked both main characters but Margot was hampered from the start by her tantrums and the character flaws she'd  been imbued with.  They are both Interesting characters that needed more time to develop. Whilst the survival scenes are important, I found  they dragged on a tad.
Still for all this, an enjoyable read.

A NetGalley ARC


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