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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Tempestuous and tempting!

Slavery, abolitionists, a headstrong, willful heiress, piracy, and a chase across the oceans from Antigua to London. And this is just the beginning! Plenty of heart stopping action, frisson between the two main protagonists make this an excellent addition to this latest in the Runaway Desires series.
Andrew Corrvan is presented with a strange business request. To kidnap Tempest Holderin, compassionate Antiguan sugar plantation heiress.         
Tempest's plantation manager and close friend Edward Cary is concerned that the vile, supercilious and self serving Lord Nathaniel Delamere will compromise or even force Tempest into marriage. With her father dead, Tempest has no protectors in the wider plantation community.
Tempest is a radical thinker, fan of Mary Wolstencroft, and committed to freeing the slaves on their plantation, Harper's Hill, her dead father's futuristic vision.
Captain Andrew Corrvan is strong and independent, viewed by outsiders as ruthless. His crew knows the truth. He is just and true and seeks out pirates in the Caribbean. Even the truth of that is deeper. The force that drives Andrew is vengeance.  He is committed to finding the pirate who killed his father. He has been searching for nigh on ten years. Yet Andrew Corrvan has self doubts about his own abilities.
Certainly 'Corrvan would never claim to have always acted on the right side of the law, but there were crimes even he would not stoop to commit. Kidnapping was one of them.'
When Andrew agrees to abduct Tempest, admittedly after some consideration and revelations, he is thrown into a situation where the kidnap becomes a fait accompli. 
Tempest is named truly. Feisty, adorable, impulsive and committed to her father's vision for freed slaves, Captain Andrew Corrvan doesn't stand a chance and is taken by storm by the lively Tempest, figuratively and literally. Tempest is tempted by Andrew in ways she had never envisioned.
An intriguing story, laced with high adventure and hard fought love.
A love story based around the darker history of slavery and freedom.
I certainly enjoyed this latest offering from Susannah Craig, with her delightful nods to the great bard, Shakespeare.

A NetGalley ARC


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