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Friday, December 2, 2016

Redemption comes haltingly!

Widowed Cait Campbell is a healer who assists Brice Sutherland with an underground movement smuggling Scots being pursued by the English after Culloden away to Canada.
Living alone as she does in an isolated cottage on the edge of Campbell lands, Cait's is the perfect place to harbour these hunted men, women and children.
Cait has a complex background, granddaughter to two powerful clan chiefs, she turned her back on all that when she married a Campbell. Now the Campbell chief Iain has come to call as English soldiers have been killed near her cottage and the English are stirred up. Cait's husband John was killed protecting his Laird. Cait has sought  peace away from the reminders of her beloved husband. Now Cait's hard fought peace  of mind is fiercely challenged, as is her heart.
Iain is both a highland chieftain and an English Lord. He sees only the way forward is to deal with the English. Iain is playing a deadly game, endeavouring to straddle both cultures and bring some sort of peace to the land for the very survival of Scotland.
With the threat of English investigations and increased patrols the channeling of the refugees is becoming more dangerous. With the advent of Iain into Cait's life all bets are off!
When Iain is accused of murdering an English soldier Cait's eyes are opened but Iain's very  survival  becomes moot.
The title is interesting. Certainly there are several levels of redemption that Iain is striving for.
Although Cullen's writing brings alive the historical situation, the landscape, and the people involved, this was not as engaging a read as I was hoping for. Despite all this is still a good read.

A NetGalley ARC 


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