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Saturday, December 10, 2016

... missteps and misalliances!


A darkened room, mistaken identify, a
lovers tryst gone awry, and the unforgiving ton!
Robyn Sutherland finds the kisses he shares with another leave him unsettled.
Lily Sommerset, who's not looking for an untrustworthy rake, especially her brother-in-law. She wants a beau without a blemish on his record, like the handsomely pedestrian Lord Atherton.
Lily appears to suffer from an anxiety disorder. Everything must line up and Robyn, selfish hedonist, and wickedest rake in London, doesn't fit the bill, although his kisses do make her melt.
Lily, the perfectionist seems to go from one scandal to another due to the actions of Robyn--all reported in the latest scandal sheet.
Robyn is in the words of the elderly Lady Chase, a 'Rapscallion.' Thump! Young Scoundrel! Thump! (That's Lady Chase's cane punctuating her utterances with her cane. Thump!)
Lily is conflicted and trying to deny her feelings for many good reasons. After all how can one trust Robyn. 'One of Robyn’s most dangerous qualities was making her believe everything he said, regardless of whether she should or not.'
Meanwhile Lord Atherton has become a distant dream of what might have been--or has he?
Certainly the twists and turns in this romance have been explored before but Bradley has managed a well packaged story, even while employing some recognizable tried and true tricks.
There are some delightful turns of phrase and mildly ironic statements spattered throughout that add a little zest to the mix.
A delightful read.

A NetGalley ARC


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