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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

A Lost lady or deliberately misplaced?

Lady Lost (Lost Heiresses #3) by Jane Goodger.       

I really enjoyed Lady Lilian Martin. She is spirited and feisty.
Lord Marcus Granton withdrew from the world when the scandal of his wife found dead in bed--another man's bed, broke. He's hidden himself away on his cliff top estate overlooking the North Sea. Gothic enough for you? 
When Lilian descends (well collapses really) on his bolthole looking for asylum and respite having been accused of murder, quickly followed by a child and a plethora of servants, Marcus' hard fought peace of mind is shattered. Lilian gets under his skin in more than one way.
Lilian's sister Theresa is a piece of work. However that doesn't mean that I would wish on her the marriage she ended up with. Theresa's husband is a depraved decadent. Puzzling to me was the way Theresa just peters out. What happened to her?

A NetGalley ARC


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