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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

A deliciously heart warming read!

'I’m glad you didn’t die fighting'
For the new Duke of Murdoch, slightingly whispered to as the 'Duke of Murder' by the rapacious of the ton (in clubrooms, behind fluttering fans and gloved hands), these words uttered by Megan Windham are balm to his battle weary soul.
Very loud sighs of satisfaction and content from this reader! Heady stuff!
I adored the reluctant battlefield warrior turned Duke, running the season's gauntlet with more trepidation than the night before a battle. The story of Hamish McHugh, the Duke of Murdoch, and his brave set upon Lady Megan Windham is a treat.
I did think the Windham Brothers were somewhat slow on the uptake with the situation surrounding Megan. And the way they kept all just missing the truth and consequently the danger to Megan made me want to shake them. They just didn't see the villain of the piece!
Thank goodness for Hugh ... and his delectable knees! (So we've moved on from sock glad feet to knees. Nicely done Grace Burrowes!)
The Duke of Murder is going about his Duke-ing with a sense of inadequacy but Meggie sees only a kind man who is her knight errant!
I see more fun and games ahead with the Windham Bride series. Can't wait!

A NetGalley ARC


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