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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Novella of love and intrigue in the highlands

Newly minted highland knight Maxwell White has been charged to safeguard Max Aila MacKerrick, a single highlands woman living by herself. Max is unthinking in his bundling up and kidnapping of Alia in the middle of the night from her lonely cottage--even if it is for her safety.
A legendary dagger is the key point. A relic that will ensure the holder rallies the clans against the English crown. The highland knights must ensure that this doesn't happen.
Alia is a feisty highland lass who will not go anywhere willing, least of all with a brawny warrior who hasn't the whit to disclose to her the dangers.
Mind you the action moved quickly both in bed and out. I did find Alia's quick acquiescence to sensuality surprising. But then this is a novella and there's a lot to pack in just a few chapters. 
Time lines aside, Max and Alia's story is delightful.

A NetGalley ARC


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