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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Gentle persuasion!

I loved all the characters in this story--well most of them. There were a couple of exceptions. Meg (Miss Margaret Lacey) is a person of great heart, a caring nature and a guilty soul. Will (William Ryder, Earl of Castleton) is a a strong minded man with a sensitive side.
Meg and Will have known each other from childhood. Indeed there might have been more if Meg hadn't been so young, stubborn and proud. 
Now Meg and her sisters are in straightened circumstances. There foray into polite society has been less than stellar and the term 'wallflower' is bandied about. Meanwhile Will has taken charge of his cousin's two small daughters. He needs a governess. Meg needs a job. Surely a match made in heaven. The past and the present collide and both Will and Meg are drawn 'willy nilly' into a set of circumstances that leave them both stunned by the flare of attraction that's sparked. And many a mention is made of Will's chocolatey, melting eyes!
Valerie and Diana are wonderful little scamps that can't help but produce a smile. 
When a stranger makes inquiries about the girls the plot thickens. I certainly didn't see that possibility on the horizon.

A NetGalley ARC


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