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Friday, September 30, 2016

... an unlikely pairing!

The Young Blood (No Better Angels #4) by Erin Satie

I must admit to really enjoying Young Blood. The interplay between the two leads is fraught and delightful.  This has it all. Mystery, romance, a somewhat OCD heroine and a rake who's so much more. Sabine Banchory must control all, in doing so she controls her unhappy life and marriage to a weakling cad. Alfred Lamb, the Earl of Kingston is a rake. He loves and leaves. Yet the unattainable Sabine holds an attraction for him, perhaps the challenge, perhaps something else. Sabine is having nothing to do with him. Years of husband Godfrey has made her immune. I enjoyed the byplay between during the day long games challenge. Godfrey is definitely a 'loose fish.'
But when murder disrupts things events move at a startling pace. Sabine and Alfie find themselves in situations they'd not thought possible.
I now have to find the other novels in the series to catchup.
The title is interesting and as events move along becomes more and more fitting.

A NetGalley ARC


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