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Friday, September 30, 2016

Stormy advent!

A Kiss at Christmastide: A Regency Novella by Christina McKnight

An engaging Christmas novella that deserved to be a full novel.
I enjoyed Lady Pippa Godfrey (and the erstwhile rake Lucas Hartfeld, the Earl of Maddox).
Nothing like a dark and stormy night to set the atmosphere, impassable roads, an unwilling suitor who has to take shelter at the scorned friend's house, a sensitive misunderstood young woman betrayed by her best friend during their come out, and a dark and painful secret exposed at Christmas time to give a storyline some gravitas. 
Mind you maybe Pippa should have put Lucas in the stable with the animals ( echoes of a past story) but there were plenty of rooms at the inn, err country manor, and Lucas was persuasive in his wrathful anger at the elements and then being halted by a snip of a miss. Unfortunately, the rake in Lucas gave nary a thought for the reputation of said young miss.

A NetGalley ARC


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