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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Pure intense Perry!

A drowned man is washed up along the Thames. Why has Custom Officer McNab called in Commander Monk of the Thames River Police to investigate? A man who is an escaped prisoner is under McNab's jurisdiction. The dislike of McNab for Monk is palpable, as is the supercilious attention McNab gives to Monk. Already my hackles are raised. This is the man who instigated action in which Orme was killed. Of course the Thames River cohorts are suspicious. As am I!
Monk's past rises to haunt his coming days along with the advent of some American vessel owners who recall him from San Francisco.
McNab looms like a malevolent spectre, it seems he knows things about Monk's past and is using Monk's ignorance to advantage. MacNab's feeling for Monk is 'more than professional rivalry, more than personal dislike. It was hate, deep and poisonous hate.'
The link between the river pirates and McNab is gaining weight, but why is McNab so set on going after Monk?
McNab is driving Monk to the point of ruin. Monk is being tried for the murder of one of MacNab's men in connection with another escaped prisoner.
Beata York, friend of Oliver Rathbone, and widow of the High Court Judge who so pursued Monk, joins Hester in her search for something that will point to Monk's innocence.
An American woman, Miriam, hides a past that has bearing on Monk.
The twists ramp up the intrigue and I couldn't read fast enough to see what the resolution would be.
Wow, such a satisfying ending!

A NetGalley ARC


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