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Thursday, September 1, 2016


Wow! This has everything. Feisty mysterious heroine, powerful easy on the eyes warlord, fighting companions
Cat (Catalia Fista) has secrets of her own. Gods are becoming involved with her destiny--bloodthirsty and brutal as it seems to be.
Cat is a mystery. She is 'from the north of Fisa. Where magic is might.' Escaping an unforgiving and brutal childhood where siblings are raised to fight for what is there's to prove their strength and cunning.  Brother is turned against sister. All for the lure of absolute power. Acting as a soothsayer in a circus she avoids drawing attention to herself. Cat has fought to escape her heritage but it looks like it's coming to claim her.
Cat is of the magi. Holding and using magic is part of her very being.
Yet with Griffin--a warlord from the south, she is finding something more.
I'm hooked! I am having serious difficulties waiting for the next in the series. Bring it on, soon!

A NetGalley ARC


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