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Monday, August 29, 2016

Pride and consequence take a beating!

Why is it always a pleasure to see the high-in-the-instep stuffy peer fall for the riotous, troublesome female? A female who loosens him from his elevated bonds and trappings of his self importance to reveal the real man beneath.
When Dotty's (Dorothea Stern, granddaughter of the Duke of Bristol) actions inveigle Dominic,  the Marquis of Merton, into defending her he finds himself thinking more about her than he should.
This from the man who has composed a list of suitable women to marry. Dotty definitely is not in their class. I must say she is in a class all of her own. She has all the smarts to become an 'incomparable', an 'original' (in a good sense).
After all, 'he neither wished nor expected to love his wife. His uncle had been exceedingly clear that strong passion and emotions were to be avoided in marriage. They lead to disaster'.
The problem is that Dominic was raised by this rigid uncle who drilled into Dominic a sense of his rightful consequence.
So prig meets an original and is taken for a roller coaster of a ride towards the messy consequences of love, with many hilarious moments.
I loved this continuation of The Worthington's series.

A NetGalley ARC


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