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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Hope for the wounded--body, heart and soul!

Obviously PTSD is very dear to Davis' heart. This book, a racey romance, deals with some very real and serious issues. That this is a vehicle for such concerns in no way detracts from the storyline. It gives us the unvarnished acceptance of this mental health issue, an issue that when present, deeply affects the lives of all involved.
'Survivor' highlights some of those issues. Of course the story ends on the road to hope. Something we would all wish for.
All that aside I loved the character of Navy SEAL Dustin Frank as he fights his inner demons and the gal who challenges him in every way, Kelcee Todd. A young woman who is harbouring some very dark secrets and fears--fleeing the Russian mob and a brother out for vengeance. Dustin, having lost part of his leg and suffering explosive panic attacks, is looking for quiet and rest--healing being a dim possibility. A possibility being offered at his ex-commanding officer's property, Eagle Ridge Ranch.
Warrior Falls, part is of the setting in the Hill Country of Texas has a place of importance for first peoples. It may just help all these wounded warriors of today.
As Kelcee and Dustin are thrown together they begin to see each other in new ways.
A great start to a new series.

A NetGalley ARC


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