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Saturday, August 20, 2016

... an elopement, murder and mystery

Enjoyable in only the way a British mystery set between the two World Wars, the Interbellum period, can be.
We have a self deprecating young woman, Lady Georgiana Rannoch of royal lineage, whose would be Irish fiancée, the Honourable Darcy O'Mara, learns that his father has been arrested for murder--just as they are enroute to Gretna Green. It seems the fates have conspired against them, including the fact that the Northern Road is closed due to blizzard conditions.
The interesting fact of Georgina's lineage and the elopement is revealed in the  in the quite engaging opening.
Solving of the mystery of Darcy's father's innocence is quite a challenge and makes for a good read. Georgina of course hies off to Ireland to support her man.
We are introduced to the eccentric and daring, sultry Russian Princess Alexandra Maria Zamanska known as Zou Zou. A wonderful character.

A NetGalley ARC


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