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Sunday, June 12, 2016

... spies and danger!

Ena Dudley is strong, forthright and a little opinionated. Mind she is very capable, although sometimes almost too reticent, and at others she rushes in. Working on parts for machines that end up as part of the 'hush, hush' work done at Bletchley during World War II, she discovers her factory's work is being sabotaged. How she knows that is really very clever.
Ena becomes part of an intelligence investigation looking at who's responsible. A few candidates appear and yet nothing is clear until the very end.
Whilst feeling sympathy for Ena, I am somewhat at a loss about her relationship with the American, Ben and then her friend Henry. It all seems a tad disjointed around these two. I'm putting it down to the situation she finds herself in. However she does seem too trusting at times. There were jumps that made no sense in the last part of the story. I reread those parts and it still lacked the coherence for me that took the situation from one step to the next. 
Almost archaic in its writing, I felt a little like I was reading a novel written in that time. If the story had flowed more smoothly this would have been an excellent tool.

A NetGalley ARC


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