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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Paranormal fantasy / romance kicks ass!

Take a witch and a demon and a love spurned over 100 years ago--a love that still sizzles!
Nicholai Veis had no choice. The Prophet Lily escorted by the King of the Realm Dage Kayrs foresaw events that required Nicholai to take long term action for the good of the realm that may ensure peace after so many years of war, even if that meant denying his one true love, the witch Simone Brightson.
Shift to today and throw in a few wars along the way, a cesation of the troubles amongst the immortals that could be disrupted by the slightest thing. Add planekite, a drug that's threatening lives, some weird things happening along the way including Simone being forced to flee a trial by the Coven for treason. The penalty if guilty is death. Nicholai is not about to let that happen now that he's so close to reuniting with Simone. Then there's a few very strange relatives, some vampires and shape shifters, a cunning political set up. All in all the mix gives you one fine, wildly erratic, read!

A NetGalley ARC


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