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Monday, June 27, 2016

Murder in the highlands!

What's not to enjoy with this cosy read. A 'who dun-nit' that recalls a past era. Set in a crumbling Scottish castle by a loch, with plenty of action and a cast full of possibilities.
It's 1955 and about to be married, Donald Langham accompanies his old army chum and friend turned private investigator, Ralph Ryland to a remote part of the Scottish highlands. Their ex-commanding officer, Major Cartwright has requested Ryland's help. 
Cartwright and a friend are attempting to salvage a German plane that crashed into the loch just before the end of the war. But what ensues is murder, and the perpetrator must be one of the guests trapped within the snow bound castle! 
I felt like I was there, lost in the 1950's, as the puzzle becomes even more tightly knit and the culprit or culprits ever more evasive.

A NetGalley ARC


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