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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Magic, bindings and freedom!

The Sorcerer's Daughter: The Defenders of Shannara  

by Terry brooks

Paxon Leah, the Druid's Blade, and protector to the Order has come a long way since Defenders of Shannara first began. Now he faces a challenge that will compromise the order and destroy those he holds dear. The dark sorcerer Arcannen Rai strikes into the heart of Druid and Federation strongholds with a twofold attack. One, as the Druids and Federation forces are meeting to forge a peace agreement. The other, the abduction of Paxon's sister Chrysallin who has come into her own magic from Paranor.
This latest offering in the Defenders of Shannara has Leofur, the dark sorcerer Arcannen's daughter and Paxon's lifemate coming into her own. 
Horrified that Chrysallin has been taken whilst under her care Leofur is determined to bring her back. She is joined in her quest by a shape shifter, Imric. They must join together psychically, a process that brings its own share of angst and burdens for both.
As their quest goes forward, they find themselves battling the feared witch Melis of the Murk Sink fens and the very land itself. Meanwhile Chrysallin is doing all she can to hold fast.
Paxon and the few remaining Druids escape from the Federation stronghold, pursued and outnumbered they crash in the wilds. Their journey back to Paranor is fraught with similar dangers and deaths. Once at Paranor they are besieged from within and without as Arcannen works to seize for himself  magics  that will enhance his dark powers.
Magic powers and twisted logics come into play as both Paxon and Leofur are taken into places that are dangerous and difficult, physically and emotionally.
Another roller coaster read with a very human side given to the use of the magics that come into play. Leofur comes to a place of realization about her own path forward that resonates well with all that unfolds.

A NetGalley ARC


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