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Friday, May 6, 2016

Love at first sight!

Alpha Wolf Need Not Apply (Silver Town Wolf) (Heart of the Wolf #19) by Terry Spear

Great story of love and endurance alpha wolf style. This story is woven around alpha wolf Eric Silver and an unknown pack leader, alpha female, Pepper Grayling.
The Grayling pack is a surprise to Eric and the rest of Silver Town. He only became aware of it when he rescued an injured member, Susan, carried her back to her pack's home, and is completely smitten by one of the women playing around in a rock pool. In his mind he fancies her a goddess. That goddess is Pepper Grayling who has no intention of mating with anyone. There are too many traps in that path. Her pack could suffer too much.
What with a group of unknown wolves planting marijuana crops in the park; a nasty character, Waldron, leader of another mystery pack forcing his attentions on Pepper; a bit of arson and other high jinks, things are mighty hectic around Silver Town.
The dance between Pepper and Eric is subtle yet explosive and only time will tell if Eric can woo Pepper and put her fears to rest, at the same time keeping her safe!

A NetGalley ARC


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