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Sunday, April 3, 2016

Marry for money or marry for love--what to do?

Foxing the Geese: A Regency Romance by Janet Wood

Spinster, Vivienne Fox had no expectations, until a cousin died and left her his fortune.
Impoverished Earl, Alex LeSayres needed to marry money to save the family's lands.
'Vivienne Fox had decided not to marry.' She hated being trotted out by her Aunt Edwina, coiffured within an inch of her life to impress a motley group of local swains and hopefuls, all because she now had money. Vivienne definitely did not want 'to gain the attention of a pack of brainless, chinless ... braying fools!'
A challenge for both Vivienne and Alex. Of course there's confusion as Vivienne hides the fact she's wealthy. She wants to marry for love. Meanwhile Alex knows he must save his family by seeking out a wealthy wife. The relations between the two become more tortured and confused as the two run in counterpoint to each other
Then there's Vivienne's fairy godfather who interferes in all sorts of subtle ways.
I liked the two main characters and couldn't stand some of the secondary ones like Vivienne's cousin and aunt, which of course is the plot's purpose.
An enjoyable Regency read.

A NetGalley ARC


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