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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Magical treachery and dangerous territory!

Lila Merriweather, ex thief and seeker of secrets, is in for the fight of her life. 
Lila had been on the streets of Cloudburst Falls until becoming part of the Sinclair Family with more than a proprietal interest in Devon Sinclair.
Now it seems 
Victor Draconi, diabolical pathological head of the Draconi Family, has decided that it's time for him to submerge the other Families of Cloudburst Falls into his organization. A little death, or many deaths is not going to bother him. He has been storing up black blades, magical swords made from blood iron, that will rip the magic out of whomever or whatever they impale. That will get the job done and make Victor's takeover so much sweeter--for him.
The story opens with Lila, Felix and Devon sneaking into the Draconi family compound to take those weapons and substitute them for something a little less lethal. 
The opening line grabbed me and the story didn't let me go until the very end.
The different types of magic are fascinating. Lila has 'soulsight' and 'transference'. Both very powerful.
I was struck by Lila's small rituals she used when encountering monsters and on entering the lochness monster's space under the bridge she repeated the necessary toll. I loved that there seems to be some sort of relationship developing here between Lila and the lochness monster. A tender moment of hope really.
Seleste  Draconi does say to Lila, 'Monsters are your friends. Never forget that.'
Lila has learned from her Mom to pay their tolls. She always does--and that care for the rituals of magic will prove to be a boon in more ways than one.
Magics battle it out in 'Bright Blade' and Lila comes into a new realm of being. Very satisfying!

A NetGalley ARC


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