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Wednesday, April 27, 2016


Soldier (The Talon Saga #3) by Julie Kagaw

Kagawa just doesn't let up the pressure!
Once more I was on the edge of my seat consumed by events that befall Garret, Ember and Riley.
Privy to a new set of factors that sets the the cat among the pigeons, or perhaps the dragons amongst the St Georgians, a new truth of betrayal leaves all reeling.
Garret, Riley and Ember must look for answers in the depths of Talon's ultimate hoard of treasure and then confront the very heirachy of the order of St George. 
Add to this an older and wiser Eastern dragon, Jade, and the revelation of shocking task that Dante has been set by Talon, and this is once again a whirlwind ride. And yes a few tears flowed.
Ember becomes more in tune and more confused as her dragon side and human side intersect. Her feelings for both Garret and Riley or rather Cobalt are in a state of tension.

A NetGalley ARC


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