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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

...run from the Runner?

Dysart is all that one could wish for as a hero. A gentleman who's turned  his back on society and has taken up the unusual livelihood of being a Bow Street Runner. When Lady Elizabeth Wilde confronts him at headquarters from fear that her severely incapacitated father is being slowly poisoned he accepts the case. To Lizzie he's an enigma and she finds herself drawn to him more than is seemly. Dysart is focused, thoughtful, compassionate with a healthy touch of the intelligent rogue. His meeting with Lady Elizabeth was unusual and that sounds the note for their relationship as the story develops. The Duke has ordained that a house party will happen and that his daughters are to seek husbands. He wants to die knowing that they will be settled prior to his death. He wants Lizzie to marry his heir, Lizzie's cousin, the weak insipid Lord Snowley Wilde.
Thrust back into the arms of society, assuming the role of a guest at the Dukes house party, Dysart finds himself confronted with his past, achingly attracted to Lady Elizabeth, prowling the corridors of Sherrington Manor in Suffolk, looking for answers to the question in hand, all the while trying to avoid recognition that might reveal his identity. Elizabeth is being fervently pursued by Lord Wilde much to her distress.
As the search continues, the mystery moves to a different arena and the resolution is surprising.
The attraction between Lizzie and Dysart sizzles despite their attempts at denial, to dampen their feelings existence. Events force them to reevaluate what each means to the other.
A satisfying, fast moving read.

A NetGalley ARC


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