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Sunday, March 13, 2016

love thine enemy

Once again the dreaded Fort William (representing English opression and butchery) is the backdrop against which the initial action of this story plays out. (Yes, the same Fort William that has been the backdrop for a number of highland romances set in the these times).
It's 1692. Charlotte Hill, the daughter of the fort's colonel,  and the rugged clan heir, Hugh MacIain meet in the fort's infirmary. He as a patient and she as a nursing assistant. Their story is set against the ongoing English invasion of Scotland and in particular the massacre of Glen Coe.
Imprisonment, attraction, escape, massacre, love, vengeance, clan loyalties and feuds, and political subterfuge all have a part to play.
Charlotte is a woman of great fortitude, not the weakling sassenach that most think her. A staunch Jacobite, Hugh finds himself torn between his love and his cause. Enemies by birth, compellingly attracted to each other, these two must forge something new. Can they?
Another rewarding, impeccably researched highland's novel from the pen of Amy Jarecki.

A NetGalley ARC

*** 1/2

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